5 Important Purposes For Routine Pregnancy Ultrasounds

Routine Pregnancy Ultrasound is performed by a specialist obstetrician and serves at least 5 important purposes:

  1. Dating the baby so that you accurately know when the baby is due. This allows your medical carer to arrange appropriate tests for you and your baby. The most accurate time for dating the pregnancy is between between 7 and 12 weeks from the first day of your last period.
  2. Screening for a number of genetic conditions and the early detection of physical problems with the baby. This is best assessed at 13 weeks as determined from your dating scan. Ultrasound at 13 weeks can also screen for conditions such as pre eclampsia of the mother ( a problem of high blood pressure in pregnancy ) and the likelihood of the baby’s placenta not growing properly which can lead to reduction in the growth of the baby later in the pregnancy. The 13 week scan can also screen for major problems with the baby’s heart that my not yet be able to be detected till later.
  3. Detection of major and subtle physical problems with the baby can be best assessed at the 20 week scan. This is the best time to confirm that the baby has no significant problem and is likely to be physically normal. At this time the position of the placenta can also be checked and confirmed not to be low. The growth and well being of the baby is best determined at a 34 week scan when the baby will be checked for appropriate size and movement and blood flow patterns throughout different parts for the baby including blood supply to the brain and also through the baby’s cord to assess the health of the placenta.
  4. The amount of fluid the baby “swims in ” is also checked and can reflect the health of both the baby and the placenta. Finally the position of the baby and the placenta are also checked to confirm there are no problems for the mode of delivery. This is particularly important if you have had a prior caesarean section to confirm that the placenta is not growing into the scar ( a condition called placenta accreta) and to check if the baby is coming head first.
  5. Ultrasound is more than a medical device and as all parents know that the ability to see the baby move and breath and grow is a wonderful chance to be reassured that the baby is well and a great way to bond. A 3D and 4D scan is great at doing this and is always routinely provided as an important part of any of your routine ultrasounds and Siles Health.

Ultrasound For Your Pregnancy

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